José Maria da Fonseca

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José Maria da Fonseca

Audacious and historic Portuguese wine producer

José Maria da Fonseca

Setúbal, Portugal

José Maria da Fonseca’s portfolio comprises more than thirty brands of top quality wines from Portugal’s main winegrowing regions. Many are so popular both at home and abroad that they have become veritable hallmarks of Portugal.

This success is due to tremendous human and material input and ability to adapt to constantly changing
times. Throughout its history, José Maria da Fonseca has kept apace of modern technology while cherishing its heritage, maintaining the levels of excellence consumers have come to expect, and in many cases surpassing them.

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José Maria da Fonseca products

João Pires, 2021

João Pires, an elegant wine produced exclusively from Moscatel de Setúbal wine grapes. Its intense floral aroma and its fresh flavor make it a very distinctive and balanced wine Ideal to accompany fish, seafood or as an aperitif.

Its production began in the 70’s defining itself quickly, as a reference in the world of Portuguese wines.

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JMF 2021

JMF is a reference to José Maria da Fonseca Manor House, built in the 19th century, place where you’ll get to know the essence of a 7 Generation’s Wine Family. Produced from Castelão and Trincadeira varieties, this is a fruity wine, slightly marked by wood.

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ALBIS, 2021

ALBIS is produced and bottled by José Maria da Fonseca in the Setúbal Peninsula Vinified with techniques that retain distinct aromas and flavours of the Moscatel de Setúbal and Arinto varieties.

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