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Chilean wine producer with a Mediterranean vibe


Santiago, Chile

TerraMater is a family winery. In 1996 the three Canepa sisters, Gilda, Edda and Antonieta, following their passion for the production of fine wines that has been in their Italian family since the early 1930s, decided to use their renowned vineyards in a new project focused in high quality production of fine wines: TerraMater.

Today, Alfredo Schiappacasse, Antonieta’s son, continues the family tradition, taking care of TerraMater, its lands and the people behind the wines and olive oils. TerraMater, Mother Earth in Latin, is named in honor of Mother Earth and her importance during all the years the Terroir was formed.

Many years ago the lands of Isla de Maipo didn’t have much water, they were mainly sand and stones; where nothing grew, not even a thread of grass. But one day they would become lands full of life and water with a unique climate. Once the years passed, the sediment that the Maipo River brought from the Andes Mountains accumulated, aided by an ingenious irrigation system with parapets and the use of 60,000 hens to make the land ideal for viticulture. This is how a new terroir, unique and today fundamental to TerraMater, was formed layer by layer.

Our Caperana estate of exceptional lands with noble vineyards up to 70 years old along with wonderful olive trees with thick trunks and beautiful green foliage.

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Mater represents the continuous work of the founding family, its collaborators, winemakers, and many others who worked in the plantation of our vineyard for over sixty years, assisting each vine and giving its best effort to obtain this icon wine. Simply the best wine we can create.

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Vineyard Reserve

This Cabernet Sauvignon is made from selected vines planted in 1991 from our Maipo Valley estate. A delicious well-balanced wine that has intense aromas of dried plums with aromatic herbs. Aged for 6 months is french oak barrels, it combines perfectly with red meats in simple preparations, such as grilled

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